My artistic expression comes from a place of curiosity and intuition. Painting for me, is the color based free form result of intense observation and interaction with the world. It begins with the simplicity, and also the complexity of the wandering mind- art is about exploration and discovery and imagination- take the child’s pastime of cloud-gazing, watching the shape-sifting forms and the complex story threads concocted from light shining in and out of vapor. The delight and joy of two friends weaving their cloud stories together quickly as the shapes move and morph and change. The sky and all of its motion, vitality, light, intensity, storm and sun is parallel to our own personal lives. My artistic interest lies in the connection of our human spirit to nature and the elusive clues hidden all around us, in a sort of treasure map of experiences. The ability to observe and reflect, to fully take in life as it occurs and my position within that theater and then allowing particles of those experiences to reveal themselves in the context of art and “making”, is the basis of my creativity. The way light splits and scatters in shards on water, the color quick-change. Early morning hayfield, livestock dotted in the fold of a hill. Shadows that run both deep and thin on a ribbon of road under a tunnel of trees….this is what matters most- what is revealed in the organization of layered color, dash marks, and drips.